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Marani Brands – Take a Sip of Success

It appears that Marani Brands Inc plans to stay focused with their campaign and making more progress with the shareholders interest in hand. We could see more debt elimination depending on how sales and more contracts are announced. Read More

Marani Brands – License Approval and Revenue Reporting

Marani Brands Inc have recently had their CA ABC distributor’s license application approved. This license approval will allow Marani to distribute not only their award winning vodka, but other liquors and spirits if they choose to do so. Read More

Marani Brands – Brazillian Contract Information

If Marani Brands Inc can keep the consistency of their accomplishments in bringing their award winning vodka back to the global markets, they could have the ability to eliminate more debt, distribute to more markets, capitalize on their efforts with the marketing campaign they are focused on, and hopefully in return keep their shareholders happy with a rise in share price. Read More

Marani Brands – Public Information and Factual Evidence

When researching a company to invest in, many times we run into many different sources for information. We can also find many different opinions and points of view. The hype of recent events pertaining to Marani Brands Inc. OTCPK:MRIB have been the catalyst for rumors that spread like wildfire. Read More

Interview with CEO of Marani Brands

A recent shareholder of Marani Brands Inc. (OTCPK:MRIB) recently had an appointment to meet with the CEO, Margrit Eyraud, and other key employees of Marani Brands Inc. The intention of this visit was to raise a few questions that shareholders had, take a tour of the place, and to try get a better understanding of what Marani Brands have been accomplishing over the past few months. Read More

Marani Brands – Processing Forward in 2014

Shareholders of Marani Brands (OTCPK:MRIB) continue to receive updates from CEO, Margrit Eyraud, regarding the companies position, addressing shareholder concerns, revenue projects and broadcasting to those shareholders “big things are coming” with the latest interview on MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon. Read More

Marani Brands – Paving Road for Comeback in 2014

The road of restructuring, a company must take in order to get it back on its feet, can be a long and strenuous journey. Marani Brands Inc OTCPK:MRIB , with the recent CEO Margrit Eyraud, has developed and executed a business plan focused on restructuring the company and its operations in order to bring the company back to where it once was a few years ago. Read More