About Marani Brands

Armenia’s Ararat Valley

Marani Vodka Spirit is manufactured in Armenia’s Ararat region. Ararat is located in the western part of Armenia, bordering on Turkey and Nagorno-Karabakh. Marani Vodka Spirit embodies Armenia, its culture and historical heritage. This product is created today as it was many generations ago. We are proud to bring a successful brand from Armenia and offer it worldwide. Marani is made with only 100% late-harvest winter wheat and natural spring water found within the Ararat Valley.

The responsibility taken on by the siblings of Marani is to assist Armenia in its opportunities for growth, the rebuilding of infrastructure through opening trade relations, providing consistent employment and advancement to the people of Armenia, especially the residents of Eraskh village who are put to work with each order! The pride they have in producing the product is undeniable.