Ultra-Premium Vodka Spirit Hand Crafted In Armenia’s Ararat Valley

Armenia’s pristine Ararat Valley is home to Marani and its Eraskh Distillery. It is a region on the southern edge of the “vodka belt” which stretches from Scandinavia across Eastern Europe before dipping down through Russia and the former republics of the Soviet Union.

Marani is made with only 100% late-harvest winter wheat and natural spring water found within the Ararat Valley. Master distillers carefully manage a triple distillation and twenty-five times filtration process until the vodka’s preferred clarity is revealed. It is the next step which distinguishes Marani: its proprietary aging method. While most vodkas go from distillation and filtration tanks straight to the bottle, Marani uses skim milk and honey during its confidential process to smoothen the vodka, imparting a remarkably rounded taste and aroma which has become the Marani signature.

You can buy Marani Premium Vodka Spirit online at Hi-Time Wine Cellars or Total Wine & More.

Additionally you can buy Marani Premium Vodka Spirit at Costco and Restaurant Depot. For a full list of store availability click here.

The Marani Difference


Marani is an ultra-premium vodka spirit of astounding smoothness and exquisite taste. Born from a proprietary aging method which imbues it with remarkable qualities.
The taste is round and full with just a whisper of sweetness. It has gained a following among sophisticated and discerning vodka drinkers.
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Marani Accolades


Marani was awarded a Gold Medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2004 and 2007 and secured a coveted Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences in 2008 and 2009.

Ultra-Premium Vodka


Marani’s Ultra-Premium Vodka Spirit Now Available Retail To 25 States Through California’s Mega Award Winning Hi Time Wine Cellars 24,000 sq. ft. Store.Marani’s Ultra-Premium Vodka Spirit Now Available at Costco at these California stores: Santa Maria, Los Feliz (Los Angeles), Fullerton, Alhambra, Moreno Valley, Burbank, City of Industry, Montclair, San Luis Obispo, Cypress,Lancaster, and Lakewood. Watch Video»

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